Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Depths of Perception: Ocean Waves Photoblog Competition. View from the Aft of the Liberty of the Seas.

When I saw this competition on I just knew I had to enter, I just love the Sea it is so beautiful and peaceful. I could spend hours watching it, listening to the surf. I have a friend who is terrified of the sea; I just don't think she is seeing it for its real beauty. 

This photo was taken at Sea in-between Rome and Naples from our aft balcony onboard the amazing Liberty of the Sea's. It was a beautiful hot June day, but was windy on deck. The beauty of an aft balcony is getting to sit with a glass of wine and watch the sun set over the ocean. There really is nothing like it. Watching the colours, listening to the sound of the ocean and catching sight of the odd School of Dolphins. 

This is my entry to Depths of Perception: Ocean Waves Photoblog Competition,with 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Memfy Tracking Life's Journey

Can you remember the exact day one of your children took their first step, or ate solids for the first time? If you are anything like me you will have pictures and lots of these memories. But I don't have exact dates. 

I have always collected memories, from the boys being born I have consistently taken lots of photos, made scrapbooks and built memory boxes, thus leading me to start a blog, a way of documenting family life. I have also created a picture wall that we have built from photos we have taken on our travels. I love the fact that every picture can take us back to a certain moment in time, and is able to recall exactly how we felt at that special moment. 

But something happened to a colleague of Chris's 2 years ago, something you wouldn't wish on anybody. A house fire; the fire completely gutted the house and took with it every memory that family had ever built. Yes, of course they were upset about the whole situation, but were utterly devastated to lose every single childhood photo and memory box of their now grown up children. As their P.C had also perished in the fire even photos they thought were safe by backing up to hard drive, were lost. 

When I heard this news I started backing everything up to I cloud and external sites, so if the worst ever happened my precious photos would never be lost. But still my photos and memories are gathered all over, I cloud, external sites and boxes of photos, albums and scrap books from before digital times. 

I remember when Chris lost his beloved Grandma it took months to sort her photos and more importantly put faces, places and dates to all those precious memories.  

Monday, 29 September 2014

Striking Mums, Am I Different Or Unique.

For this week in Striking Mums the lovely Kate has set the subject of being different. At first I though well am I different then once I started realising differences I couldn't stop, what a great subject.

I became different at 14 when my Mum and Dad decided to move from Lancashire. I grew up in Essex and loved my life; I worked in my Dads video shop, was always out and about had lovely friends and a boyfriend. Then one day like a bolt out of the blue they announced we were moving to Lancashire. 

They had been several times on Holiday, but I had stayed at my Nan and Granddads, I had no interest in visiting the country. I remember looking at them as they were telling me thinking "you are ruining my life" devastated is an understatement. The house went on the market and we took a trip to Lancashire to house hunt, they had completely fallen in love with it!  Me? I hated the sheep, hills,  smell, the accent was soooo annoying. I just did not want to live there. 

My next memory is being sat in the car listening to the soundtrack of dirty dancing, sobbing as we travelled towards our new life. From that day forwards my brothers and I became different.  

Saturday, 27 September 2014

What We Loved About Disneyland Paris At Halloween

Last year we visited Disneyland Paris. I must say we visited with trepidation, as we love Disney World Florida. However decided to give Paris a try. So here is what is great about Disneyland Paris.

We stayed at Disney's New York Hotel. The location of the Hotel was excellent, you stepped out of the hotel and you were at the top of Disney Village and just a short stroll from the Disney Parks. This was great at the end of a busy day as 5 minutes and you were in the hotel and able to chill with a nice glass of wine.

The hotel staff were so friendly and could not do enough for you. As it was Halloween the Hotel was all trimmed up. The breakfast buffet was fantastic, breakfast was spread over several restaurants to make the experience more intimate, and it worked. We never once felt rushed; we were able to enjoy breakfast at our leisure. As the staff knew Jack suffered from Type 1 Diabetes they were happy for us to take away a snack in case he went low in the parks.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Adults Only Shepherds Pie

When I saw the fluffy Maris Piper challenge on Brit Mums I just has to share my recipe for my adults only shepherds’ pie cooked with red wine. I tried this recipe a few years ago and have never looked back. It takes the good old shepherds pie into a new league. 

I have always loved Shepherds Pie, for me, it's a real autumn, winter comfort dish. Please forgive me as I have learnt that my potato photography skills are not great. So if there is such a course, as a potato photography course, I will track it down and get myself booked on.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Calf Diet, Week 21, Hoorah I Have Reached a Stone.

Omg 1 stone and .5lb


I was so excited at my weigh in when I saw the scales, not only have I lost 1.5lb this week I have reached a stone. Hoorahhhhh, its weird I have got so used to eating this way now (healthy) that I don't feel I am trying. Is has become a way of life. 

I haven't been this weight in years. Yesterday I kept taking sneaky looks at this photo to check I wasn't dreaming; I am now in the 9s whoop whoop. Yes I am a tad excited, I know, I am hiding it well. So I now have 1.5 pounds to my target of 9st 12lb. Then I may reset another target, only a tiny one, to give myself a buffer zone for holidays and weekends away. 

Joe Is 9 Today

Happy Birthday Joe

9 Today

We All Love You Very Much

Have A Great Day

Lots & Lots of Love & Kisses

Mum, Dad, Jack & Toby


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Hay Loft Coffee Shop, Higham

I just wanted to share a small post today about the Hay Loft at Roaming Roosters in Higham, Lancashire. I visited with my  friend Liane on Friday, and just had to share how lovely this little Coffee Shop is. I have been a few times before but never got photos so have been unable to post about it.   


It  is the cutest little coffee shop. What I love about it, is it  an intimate room that is part of Roaming Roosters, my favourite butchers/farm shop in the world. Yes, I know that is a big and very bold statement. But the meat is great and the butchers offer advice on the best cuts to buy, how to cook etc. You can also buy ready made fresh meals like salt and pepper chicken, spare ribs and tandoori chicken. These are perfect for mid week meals when you have been at work all day and just want a good quality meal that is ready to put in the oven. They also sell fruit and veg and the best pink fizz, along with a great little deli bar.