Friday, 25 July 2014

Nivea Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Sun Spray

I just had to write about this Nivea Sunscreen, as it is just amazing, A bit like a sun cream peacekeeper. 
I first started having sun cream issues when Jack was 2, we had travelled to Mexico for a family holiday and it was hot, hot, hot. When you have a child all you do is worry about them burning? We were conscientious like most parent are and bought gallons of factor 40 and 50 sun cream, to keep our little angel protected.

 But as soon as he saw the sun cream bottle he turned it a demonic little maniac. It quickly turned into regular fights every time we had to apply sun cream, no one said in the 'baby manual, you would have to rugby tackle your child to the floor and pin him down to protect him from the sun.' It was so hot that he had to have the cream on, yet he was adamant he wasn't.  It became so stressful, by the time we left our air-conditioned room we would be sweating and stressed, and head straight to the bar for a cocktail.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Calf Diet Week 13

Whoah , I actually can-not believe I have lost .5lb this week. Why? We went to a wedding at the weekend.  It was beautiful. But involved a 2-night hotel stay, 2 nights eating out and copious amounts of wine and champagne. 

I know I harp on about making the right choices, but when we ate in the hotel restaurant on Friday night I was so close to ordering a burger, the problem is you have no idea how they are cooked, are they fresh beef or frozen burgers ughhh. So right at the last minute I changed to salad. I could see the waitress, although she was very polite was on the verge of hitting me with her notebook. But at that point I felt like I couldn't face another salad. I don't know why because I love salad. Thank goodness the angel on my shoulder made me say salad right at the last minute. I just goes to show, the right choices do help. 

However I am no angel as I did drink quite a few glasses of wine, but did substitute lemonade for soda, as pubs and restaurants rarely serve diet lemonade. 

On Saturday the starter and the main meal was healthy, but pudding was Eton mess. Oh it was just delicious and when it was in front of me in a lovely china tea cup, there was no way I had the willpower to push it away. Then there was all the wine and champagne. The rest of the week I stuck to the calf diet, but two days is a large chunk to not follow 100%

So when I stood on the scales I braced myself, I actually got off and back on again when I saw the 2. I still stand by my resolve that I just want to maintain for the next 2 weeks. But what a great start. Lets hope I am not throwing the scales out the window on my next weigh in.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Countryfile Calendar

We all really enjoy Countryfile in the Christie household, it is something we all sit down to watch. Joe especially, he loves wildlife, insects and animals. In fact I would not be surprised if he one day becomes a farmer, last year he won a competition to spend a day on a farm and he absolutely loved it. 

This is another of the pictures we took on our walk.

Joe noticed on Sunday night whilst were watching Countryfile, that they were running the competition for the 2015 calendar. He was so excited; he was so cross at me last year when we missed the deadline. He really believes we are in with a chance of winning! Fortunately we had recently had a walk through the fields and taken lots of photos. All we had to do was decide which one to send in. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Boys, What Isn't in the Baby Manual

I am so lucky to have 2 wonderful healthy boys. They make me so happy on every level. Even their strops make me smile some times. However I really had no idea what I was getting into when I brought Jack home from hospital. Now I am not generalising, this is based on facts and experience of learning the ropes as a Mum with my 2 Boys. So here are the 10 things that no one ever mentioned when I brought my new clean baby boys home from hospital. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Should Children Tidy Their Own Rooms?

I just had to write about a post I read on Facebook last week. It was posted by my beautiful cousin Jade. It was a post that not only intrigued me, but made me laugh yet also got me thinking about my responsibility as a parent. 

Jade like most of us Mums had got a little fed up of the state of her sons Loui and Harvey’s,(aged 8 and 6) bedrooms. She had repeatedly asked them to tidy, but like some of us Mums, didn't get results. So she decided to take the boys X box remote, and left them a note asking them to tidy their room, in return she would give them their remote control back. 

We all watched out for Jade to update her status with the results of her note. When she got home from work she was greeted with a reply from the boys. 

Hoorah success, it seemed the thought of being unable to play Fifa 13 or Mine Craft to just too much for Loui and Harvey to endure. So they set too vacuuming and tidying their room.   

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pimm's Ice Lollies

Making lollies for the center parcs lolly challenge last week really got me thinking. How about some lollies for us grown ups. So decided to try some Pimm's lollies.

These were dead simple to make and so tasty. Fill the lolly mould up 1/4 with Pimms. (I used the special edition blackberry and elderflower it is delicious) I then put 3 raspberries into the mould, and topped it up with lemonade. Then put in the freezer to set. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Tower of London, So Much to See and Do.

Wow the Tower of London, forget the kids I learnt so much about London’s history here.  It is amazing!
We were not planning to visit the Tower last half term, but as we got the train from Upminster this was were we ended up. We had planned to go to the Natural History Museum. However when we came out of the station the Tower was there. So imposing, and impressive.


So after a quick family conference and bribing Joe £5.00 to put the Natural History Museum of until August, we decided to spend the day here. Now we were so lucky, have you ever noticed the booklets at the train and tube stations about days out in London, well next time you visit London pick one up as there is all sorts off offers to get in many of the London attractions, buy one get one free. I picked one up so was prepared; I also had a few spare vouchers in book, so handed them out to people in the queue too.  Inside the Tower grounds are huge, it is actually larger than my local village and people still live in the grounds.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Inspirational Head Teacher or Magic Weaver

I was completely bowled over by this letter a friend shared on Facebook this week. It was a letter written by the head-teacher Rachel Tomlinson, from Barrowford Primary School. A Mum had shared the letter; as a result the letter has gone viral and put the school into the headlights of the media.

So what is it about this letter that has created such a fuss? At another local school, a governor has issued a statement to their School; outlining that this is exactly the ethos their school runs on. Although they haven't put it in the letter to the children, the school is a caring environment where Christian and social values are important. And yes I 100% agree with this, the school in question is a wonderful caring school that has a heart; you can see the children feel that. The difference is Rachel Tomlinson did not just assume the children knew this, she shouted from the rooftops ALL MY CHILDREN ARE WONDERFUL. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Calf Diet Week 12 Over.

 Week 12 is now over; and although I have put on half a pound, I am definitely feeling the difference in my shape. I have started to do sit ups to tone my stomach muscles. I still can't believe I now fit in a size 10; I haven't been that size for years. Don’t get me wrong I am not about to disappear down a drain, and if I stand behind a lamp post, you will still see me. But I feel better in myself and that’s what is important.


I have been looking for recipes to keep food interesting and loved the curry I blogged yesterday. My thinking is; if I can replace all my favourite meals with healthier but still tasty alternatives, then I will be able to stick to a healthy eating plan long term. I also made some healthy fat free ice-lollies this weekend, they tasted fantastic, and gave me another option to a cold drink on a hot summers day. 

I was quite bad on Saturday; I stuck to my healthy eating plan but drank copious amounts of wine and champagne with Ruth. But I am not going to be mad at myself for having a great time. Although I am eating healthy with the intention of loosing weight, I am going to enjoy nights like Saturday when friends like Ruth, Darren and Finn visit, that's what enjoying life is all about.  

I am not expecting great things this week, or the next in fact; we have lots of exciting things planned, meeting with friends, meals and a wedding. I will have to make the right choices with my food so I can enjoy a few glasses of wine. And walk loads, damage limitation eek.

 But then in two weeks time I will be back on it, being strict with myself. For a few weeks at least, until we have a mini break booked.  But my thinking is; enjoy July and August, and be as healthy as I can, to try to maintain my weight. Then back to business in September.