Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Manchester Airport BA Business Lounge

Last week we flew business class to Barcelona, this included a connection from Manchester to Heathrow airport. We flew from terminal 3 and ensured we arrived at the airport in plenty on time, to give us the opportunity to have some breakfast and a coffee, before catching our connecting flight. 

I must say, BA is my preferred airline but we must have arrived at the airport at an extremely busy time as it took us 40 minutes to check in via the business check in. This is the longest we have ever experienced at a business check in desk. However when we did eventually reach the desk the staffs were helpful and courteous, just experiencing heavy traffic. It was much the same at the express security lane. It seemed to take forever think this was mainly due to security fast tracking families with small children.  I do not have an issue with this as we have been in that position trying herd small children through a busy airport, it is so stressful. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Book Review, Before I Go to Sleep, S.J Watson

Wow this book is amazing, I know I say that about every book I read, but I have read some great books. My great friend Ruth recommended I read this, and I am so glad I did it is riveting; I read it in a week. And it takes me ages to read a book.

Every day when Christine wakes up she has no recollection of where she is, and whom the man is laying next to her in bed. When she looks in the mirror she discovers to her horror she is 20 years older. Her husband patiently explains she was in a road accident 20 years ago and has not retained her memory since that day, and wakes up exactly the same every day. Not a single memory of the last 20 years.

When Ben leaves for work she gets a call from Dr. Nash who explains he is her doctor and tells her to read her journal, which she has hidden in the bottom of her wardrobe. It reveals alarming facts that are helping Christine rebuild her memory piece by piece. 

The most alarming discovery is that in huge writing over the front of her journal she has written Don't Trust Ben! She needs to discover why, and piece together all the fragments of memory to discover exactly what her past is.

This book is fantastic; I could not put it down. I loved its unpredictability it was like a dark version of 50 first dates. It is gripping all the way through; I couldn't wait to see what memories or discoveries Christie would stumble upon in her groundhog day life. It all culminates into a great ending. I would definitely recommend this as a must read.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Visiting Shakespeare's Birth Place

When we visited Stratford-Upon-Avon this year I was desperate to visit Shakespeare's home, the house is so stunning from the outside and we never got to visit last time we were in Stratford. Its weird isn't it? Shakespeare is one of those names I cant ever remember not knowing, you are aware of him very early on in life, although I did not become aware of his works until high school.

The boys were not initially keen to visit but I insisted they give it a try as surely this is better way of leaning about William Shakespeare than reading it from a book of hearing from a teacher who no matter how enthused they are cannot recreate the feeling of being in the presence of his soul that you feel in his birthplace home. 

We visited two homes of the estate, although I wish we had time to visit them all. The first being Shakespeare birthplace the family home on Henley Street, he born on the 23rd April 1564 to John and Mary Arden Shakespeare. He grew up in this very house itself, it is fascinating to walk around the corridors of the home he would have played as a boy with his 7 brothers and sisters. He married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18 and continued to live here for a further 5 years.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Debenhams Back to School Competition

When I saw this competition on the Brummy Mummy of 2 blog I knew Joe would love it. The competition was asking bloggers to work with their children to create the perfect school uniform. It could be anything, a fantasy school uniform. I knew before asking Joe exactly what uniform he would choose. And I was right; Joe is obsessed with the idea of being a Jockey, so decided to create a uniform for Jockey School. 

Joe has been riding for around a year and a half, and it has become his real passion in life. He rides the same horse every week at the stables where he has his lessons and is absolutely in love with Dillon the Pony and Horse Riding. I am not sure how I feel about him one day riding in a hurdle race? He may change his mind, but for now he is determined.

So here is Joe's perfect Jockey School, Uniform:

Jasper Conran Jacket £32.00 Perfect to keep him warm during lessons and when mucking out the stables.

Bluezoo Wellies £12.00, Wellies are a must, not only when riding but working in the Yard with the horses.

Jasper Conran Fitted Chinos £19.00, To look stylish and smart around the stables, but also comfortable to ride in.

Ted Baker Polo Shirt £19.00, again to look smart and stylish under jacket.

Joe was happy with the mood-board once we had finished, and feels confident he will one day be shopping for a uniform just like this. However in the meantime I think we will purchase the outfit just for Saturdays. When Joe is visiting the stables and his beloved Dillon for his riding lessons.

This is my entry to the The Debenhams Back to School Competition, with www.brummymummyof2.co.uk.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Calf Diet Week 17, A Weekend Away and I Somehow Managed to Maintain My Weight

 I cannot believe I have maintained this week, I fully expected a gain. Chris and I celebrate our 20th wedding Anniversary this week. We decided rather than pressies we would book a weekend in Barcelona without the boys. Although I was a bit nervous about leaving the country without them and feeling they were missing out. I was secretly excited. 

We had a wonderful time and decided the boys would have hated it. We made the most of childfree time and spent hours sat in tapas restaurants; people watching, chatting drinking wine and eating tapas. Lying by the pool and reading, yes you heard me right reading a book, whilst sipping wine uninterrupted without constantly checking our children were safe. 

Also shopping uninterrupted between tapas bars. I did try to choose healthy choices. But that isn't always easy with tapas is it? And did not hold back on the lovely wine we enjoyed. We traveled business class so were plied with food, wine and champagne in the amazing Ba lounges. 

However I did encourage Chris to walk everywhere rather than get taxis and must have walked miles, thinking I would be burning off all those extra sin’s. So what a huge bonus, I have had the most amazing weekend, enjoyed good food and great wine and maintained my weight. The problem is I have had such a wonderful time I just want to book again. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to my Wonderful Husband

There could only be one post today; today Chris and I celebrate 20 years of marriage. Wow, I can't believe it, it has flown by. Although Chris seems to think it has dragged mmm. 

I can't believe this time 20 years ago today I was with my Mum, Dad, Brothers and Bridesmaids getting ready for our wedding. Getting ready to walk down the aisle to become Mrs. Sarah Christie. It's weird I can't imagine not being Sarah Christie now, my maiden name seems a lifetime ago.

The weather was typical of a bank holiday weekend. It was pouring with rain most of the day and cold, however we were so lucky that the sun came out for the photos. We were lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who helped us celebrate the first day of the rest of our lives.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Phobia's, where on earth do they come from?

I can believe I am writing about this but I thought it was time I addressed it personally and also find it quite a fascinating subject. 

I used to work with a girl who had a phobia about tomatoes; we once put a tomato on a shoelace and hung it from the salon dispensary door. I mean what's scary about tomatoes right?  We were all hysterical but poor Jodie she would not pass that tomato, no matter what. 

Then there was Sherilee, she had a huge phobia about Un-painted toe nails. It literally knocked her sick; she couldn't even look at them. Painted nails were fine! I remember one of our stylists waving her feet around in the air and Sherilee nearly passing out. 

So my spider phobia seems quite normal. It started when I was a child. I was terrible, absolute terrified of even so much as a money spider. I could not look at spiders, I remember once I was at a friends and her mum was wearing a diamond encrusted spider brooch. I could not look at her because all I could see from the corner of my eye was this hideous brooch.

 I know the exact moment I developed this fear, I was about 8 and was putting on a cardigan, my arm started to itch when I looked there was a spider between my arm and cardigan. I was hysterical and it went downhill from then. This is not learnt behaviour, as my Mum and Dad aren't worried at all by spiders. In fact my Mum will pick then up!! Yes I know eeew.

I remember the first time I went abroad; I used to check my bed every night for giant spiders, just in case. And still shake blankets and cardigans just to be sure there isn't one lurking inside.

However things changed when Jack was born, I was determined not to transfer my fears onto him, and Joe when he came along.

 I gradually got better at not screaming when I saw them, running hysterically and standing on chairs. I learnt to be brave and say through gritted teeth, "ooh look at that lovely spider." Jack never touches them, but is not at all worried by spiders however Joe is like Bear Grylls with Wildlife, and is happy to pick up a spider, or any other insect that comes his way. In my opinion he is a little to brave.

Yes they still make me feel queasy; I can now be in the same room as one whilst someone else removes it. However I can't really spend to long looking at one. 

Yet from nowhere I have developed another phobia, one that gives me nightmares. I have no idea where it has come from. But it literally fills me with fear even thinking about them and I can't even look at a picture of them, or watch them on TV; and that is crocodiles. I mean, when have I ever had an incident with a crocodile? Yet every time I visit America I have nightmares about them. I worry about staying in hotels with lakes and wonder if they have a crocodile warning systems? Yes I know you are thinking, she is stark raving mad, it is totally irrational. The boys think it's hilarious and take great pleasure from leaving pictures of crocodiles on my home screen on the family PC. But where has this come from? It’s bigger than the spider issue; the fear is so real so tangible. 

I am actually not sure what I hope to achieve from this post, I suppose he shares a bit of me, the real me. I only share the part of me that's buzzing about happily here and there on my blog. Of course that is I, but I also have insecurities and phobias just like everyone else. But weirdly of all the things in the world that could make me quake in my flip-flops? The thing that really does the job is crocodiles.