Thursday, 30 October 2014

Calf Diet, We are Having a Break

So, I broke the news yesterday and she took it well. I have told my Calf Diet we are on a break, only a short one. We have agreed to meet up on Thursday the 8th of Jan. I will explain what I have been up too. Do a weigh in and explain my results. 

Its awful to say but I am feeling bored with posting every Thursday, I have struggled lately and yoyo'd around 9st 13lb.  I am thrilled with this weight; I can't believe I have lost 15 pounds. But feel I need to enjoy Christmas. 

Don't get me wrong I have no intentions of cheating on my Calf Diet, I will do my best to remain faithful, exercise, try to eat healthy. But I will enjoy Christmas. 

When we meet in January I hope I won't have any explaining to do, I hope she is proud of my efforts. But understanding of the fact that a girl has to live, and it has been Christmas.

So my good friend Calf Diet, its goodbye for now, I will remember you, you haven't left my side since March. Have been a loyal friend, got me into size 10 and my purple Hunters wellies. For that I owe you. And can't wait to meet up in January ready to prepare for the summer.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nino's Italian, Cliviger

After this weeks visit to Nino's I am actually kicking myself that we haves dined here before, we visited once last year, but that was for a christening which was lovely, the buffet and service was great. But it was a busy function and we didn't get the real feel for the restaurant. 

What I love about Nino's is the style, it very extremely contemporary giving it a bit of a cool but comfy feeling.  As soon as you walk in the atmosphere grabs you. Even the current Halloween styling is very tastefully done to add to the atmosphere.


So here are my thought's on Nino's and  our experience. 
We were initially seated in the bar area for drinks, a tastefully decorated area with comfy sofas and cool artwork, to be honest this is sort of place I could bob in for a drink as it is such a chilled environment. 

Once seated at our table we were offered more drink's, which came promptly and shown the menu. 

The staff were fantastic with Jack and spent time with him explaining portion sizes so he could do his injection. For me this is so important in a restaurant as he has to get his insulin right. They told him how many scoops of ice cream, size of pizza and never once made him feel uncomfortable.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Joules Style Crush Wish List

I though I would share my current style wish list, this is the perfect outfit for family lunches, shopping and casual meeting, perfect country chic.

 I just love Joules and the Mr. Toad Tweed Jacket is my style crush of the season. It is so stylish and can be easily dressed up or down. I am also loving the caramel accessories, not a colour I would usually choose but looks great with this outfit. 

Belgravia Chelsea Boot   Womens Green Mr Toad Tweed Jacket   Ella Long Sleeve Tie Neck Blouse
Womens Straight Leg Jeans    Leycett Womens Leather Bag    Womens Woven Scarf     Mishabracelt Womens Bead Bracelet

Monday, 27 October 2014

Labels, How Do They Define Us?

This week on striking Mums the lovely Kate has set the subject of Mums and Labels, a provocative subject that can be the making of breaking of a person. 
I am writing this on a Friday night, and today a label devastated and humiliated me. It was an honest label, one that meant I and others have work to do, but one that reduced me to tears, you see I care so much about that label,  so when I sat and saw it on the wall I can't describe the despair and devastation I felt. I can't say more than that without being unprofessional. But I do care, so do the people around me, maybe a little too much. 

That’s my problem I wear my heart on my sleeve, so on occasions like today I can't hide my feelings. I am not a negative person in life at all, but I do take my responsibilities very seriously. 

By responsibilities I mean my family, friends, home, Toby and my students.  Kick them, or my judgment around them I most certainly limp. 
Its like Kate has a sixth sense when choosing these topics? So here are her questions.

1. If I gave you a label and pinned it to you and you were allowed to put just 3 words on it, which would you choose?
Wife and Mum, Yes there is more to me than these labels but I am who I am because of these labels, happy, passionate, have great friends, content. You see my relationship with Chris and the Boys is the foundation of a life we have built family, friends and experiences around.

Blogger, My new passion in my life, the thing that keeps me up at night happily tapping away on keys, and the only thing that could get me up at 6am on a Sunday. I honestly feel that writing is something I wish I had done all my life. But thank goodness I have found it at last.

Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets I have loved every minute of my hairdressing career. I feel proud of what I have achieved, and hope I will continue to inspire future creative and theatrical stylists. I love the fact that one day they will hopefully remember me as an inspiration. I know how my students feel about me, and that is something I am incredibly proud of. 

2. What labels that others have used about you do you think are spot on?
Fiery, I am passionate and honest. I can't hide from that. 
Traveller, I love travel and all my friends and family laugh at me, as it does border on an obsession. I want to show the Boys the world; it has so many lessons to teach them.

3. Has having a particular label ever got you into trouble or held you back?
No I don't think so, but maybe that is something I don't know about?

4. Does or did one of your labels mark you out as very different from others in your circles?
Yes people call me cockney Sarah up here; ha ha I have never lived in London and have never claimed too. But that how people define, remember me so that’s fine.

5. Which label are you particularly proud of?
Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Granddaughter, God Mother, Niece, Daughter-in-law Cousin, Sister-in-law, Friend, Teacher. Blogger, Hairdresser. These are the things that matter.

So there is it labels, they might only be a tiny word or number but it can have a colossal effect on a person’s life, labels can define us or hold us back. 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Managing Work,Family, life and Blogging

If you had have asked me how busy I was a year ago? I would have said far too busy, having a very active social life, 2 very busy children, a husband, dog and .8 position as a hairdressing lecturer. I would have said there are not enough hours in the day; I have no time to myself.

Yet here I am writing a daily post for my blog, my 4th Child. Its weird this time last year I felt like I was drowning with all I had to do. So what did I do? I started a blog, something that required more time and effort than I was already giving. Another ball to add to the 50 I was already juggling. 

Yet it seems to have had a positive effect on my life, almost therapeutic. I have always struggled with time management, I am one of those people that is so easily distracted so will set off on a task or a job, but half way through will come across another and complete that instead. My blog has taught me to write things down, prioritise tasks. 

It has taught me to leave work, at work. I used to always bring it home with me, potter at home on resources, and ponder over events of the day. I am now able to complete my workload at work, yes someday this means working through my lunch; but I am not bringing it home. And when I leave work unless it is urgent I don't think about it until the next day. This has had such a positive effect on my work life, as I generally do not worry about work related issues at home as I just don't have the time. 

I prioritise family life, yes there are times when I am checking emails, I try to do this whilst cooking dinner, or when they are in bed. We have a ban on any type of social media over dinner, no Mail-online, phones, twitter, snapchat, Instagram or email. 

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Christie's Angel Delight Memories

If you had have asked me 1 year ago what Angel Delight meant to me? Instantly I would have said my childhood, and the seventies. I have fond memories of my Mum whipping up Angel Delight for a quick after dinner pudding, my Brothers and I loved it.

 Angel Delight always felt like a real treat at a time when it wasn’t normal to have ready made chocolate mouse in the fridge. Yet these magical packets turned into the most delicious mousse as if by magic, we loved it.

I found the video below on youtube, It brings back such lovely childhood memories. Its weird how certain things take you back to certain moments in time is it? Angel delight is one of those triggers for me, its weird, I can see my old lounge, even the detail of the brown velvet flock wallpaper when I watch this video, it is so reminiscent of my childhood.

To be honest Angel Delight then slipped out of my radar for many years and became a pleasant childhood memory, just like Mr. Frosty and Twister. 

Then a year ago the Boys Grandma bought them some chocolate Angel Delight and made chocolate milk shakes with them, they loved it. I must say I giggled to myself when they came home and excitedly told Chris and I about this great new invention; Angel Delight, that made the best ever American style milk shakes.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Calf Diet Week 35, Trying To Maintain My Weight.

So I have been out to lunch already this week, and also going out for an Italian meal, I have so much planned over the next few months that I know I am not going to loose weight easily. I am so pleased to have lost 1.5 pounds this week, and if I can be this weight on the 30th Jan I will be happy.

I sound like a broken record don't I? So I will continue making right choices, try not to be greedy and maintain my weight until January. I am actually happy the weight I am at the moment so maintaining will now be my goal.

If anything, if I had to push myself, getting to my original target of 9st12 and staying that way till January is my ultimate goal. Fingers crossed I will achieve this and keep the weight off.

I know this is going to mean NOT being greedy with chocolate and keeping to my routine of healthy cooking. I must not start creeping in fattening sauces and ingredients. And defiantly not overdoing it with the wine, this is my weakness.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Happy 14th Birthday Jack

Happy 14th  Birthday


Have A Wonderful Day 

We Love You Very Much


Mum. Dad, Joe & Toby