Friday, 24 October 2014

The Christie's Angel Delight Memories

If you had have asked me 1 year ago what Angel Delight meant to me? Instantly I would have said my childhood, and the seventies. I have fond memories of my Mum whipping up Angel Delight for a quick after dinner pudding, my Brothers and I loved it.

 Angel Delight always felt like a real treat at a time when it wasn’t normal to have ready made chocolate mouse in the fridge. Yet these magical packets turned into the most delicious mousse as if by magic, we loved it.

I found the video below on youtube, It brings back such lovely childhood memories. Its weird how certain things take you back to certain moments in time is it? Angel delight is one of those triggers for me, its weird, I can see my old lounge, even the detail of the brown velvet flock wallpaper when I watch this video, it is so reminiscent of my childhood.

To be honest Angel Delight then slipped out of my radar for many years and became a pleasant childhood memory, just like Mr. Frosty and Twister. 

Then a year ago the Boys Grandma bought them some chocolate Angel Delight and made chocolate milk shakes with them, they loved it. I must say I giggled to myself when they came home and excitedly told Chris and I about this great new invention; Angel Delight, that made the best ever American style milk shakes.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Calf Diet Week 35, Trying To Maintain My Weight.

So I have been out to lunch already this week, and also going out for an Italian meal, I have so much planned over the next few months that I know I am not going to loose weight easily. I am so pleased to have lost 1.5 pounds this week, and if I can be this weight on the 30th Jan I will be happy.

I sound like a broken record don't I? So I will continue making right choices, try not to be greedy and maintain my weight until January. I am actually happy the weight I am at the moment so maintaining will now be my goal.

If anything, if I had to push myself, getting to my original target of 9st12 and staying that way till January is my ultimate goal. Fingers crossed I will achieve this and keep the weight off.

I know this is going to mean NOT being greedy with chocolate and keeping to my routine of healthy cooking. I must not start creeping in fattening sauces and ingredients. And defiantly not overdoing it with the wine, this is my weakness.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Happy 14th Birthday Jack

Happy 14th  Birthday


Have A Wonderful Day 

We Love You Very Much


Mum. Dad, Joe & Toby


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Favourite Christmas Experience, The Year the Snow Came

I treasure every Christmas with my family. Life is so different before your children arrive isn't it? Having a meal out Christmas Eve and sleeping in Christmas morning, visiting relatives, going out with friends. And then your children come along and you realise what magic you have been missing out on. And life changes forever.

I do not know a parent that does not embrace the pure joy of writing letters to Santa, baking cookies and building ginger bread houses. Every year I eagerly anticipate watching Christmas movies, opening advent calendars, and hanging Christmas stockings it’s just all so magical.  

The one thing we all wish for is snow isn't it; there is nothing as festive as snow falling on Christmas Eve and that is why the year the snow came is such a precious memory. 

This particular year we were ready for Christmas, all the shopping had been bought and we were looking forward to a quite family Christmas. We had been out for a lovely lunch and a long winters walk when the snow started fluttering down, how exciting. We snuggled down to enjoy a festive film whilst the snowflakes flurried outside our window. Christmas day was much the same it was so beautiful listening to Christmas carols sipping champagne as we cooked Christmas dinner. The view was breathtaking as the town lights twinkled in the snow, although it had snowed on and off for 20 hours the snow had covered but was not deep.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Striking Mums , Style For Mums

This week the lovely Kate has set the topic Style for Mums
This is a great subject, and a very individual one. For me it was never an option to not wear make-up of do my hair purely down to my profession. 
As a hairdresser you are expected to have your hair nicely styled, wear make-up and dress well, its part of the job description. 

I am a bit of a jeans girl; I just dress them up with nice tops and jackets. But I absolutely love dressing up. I love cruising for this reason. I love the glamour of it.

1. Would you describe yourself as stylish? Has your answer to that question changed since becoming a mum?
I think I have my own individual style, I am not sure whether that is stylish or not it is just me. Its funny though one of my friends was shopping last year with her son and he picked up a top and said thats a Sarah top. My Mother and sister in law do that too. So I must have a certain look.
2. Describe a stylish  outfit you wear/wore and loved.
I bought a beautiful tangerine coloured lace skirt and top from Coast this summer, I loved it, but never got my photo in it. Think I need a trip to the races to wear it again.

3. How important is it to have an individual sense of style as mum?
I think its whatever makes you happy and comfortable, we all have such different priorities. Some Mums just don't have the time, some have no confidence in themselves, I have a friend that is so unique and dresses so differently but always looks fabulous. Some days she wears a cowboy hat, but do you know what she totally rocks it. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Creating Family Memories With 100 Years of Commercial Flights

When the lovely Brit Mums set the challenge to 'Celebrate 100 years of commercial flight with the #Flying100 Family Holiday Challenge' I was so excited. An excuse to think about holidays and travel, hoorah, I love travelling; it is my absolute passion in life. But then came the tricky part writing about my dream destination. Arghh, too much choice, I want to show the Boys the world. 

How could I possibly begin to choose, I go through this trauma every time I book a holiday, I just can't decide or pin point where in the world I want to go. I know this is an extremely lucky position in life to be in, to have these choices. 

Since the boys were born we have endeavoured to take them exciting, educational places for our family holidays. We love cruising as a family, we love waking up in a new country every day, the explorers in us can't wait to get off the ship and visit exciting historical places such as Pompeii or explore beautiful Cities such as Barcelona and New York. 

It also fulfills the adrenalin junkie and sports maniacs in the boys, they thrive on activities such as rock climbing, ice skating and surfing,  and spend hours on board skipping from one activity to the next.

Friday, 17 October 2014

My Current Make-Up Bag Heroes

I thought I would share a little post on what I am loving in my make-up bag at the moment. If you are anything like me I am a total make-up magpie and just love make-up shopping. Being in the make up department in a large store is my idea of heaven. In fact I could spend hours testing perfume and choosing make-up. So here is what I currently love.

1         Mac Mineralize in Medium Dark, this is a light bronzer that although it has colour does not sit heavy on the skin. I have tried others but this is by far my favourite.

2         Clinique Even Better foundation, this is my favourite foundation ever. I tried it for the first time last year and have never looked back. It is great as it achieves a good coverage and makes the skin look healthy yet not over heavy with foundation. I find my make up sits on it really well. 

3         Clinique Blush Powder, Aglow, this is a new addition and a product I came access accidentally as it was in a recent bonus time collection. I have always used pink blusher, yet I love this peachy colour and looks so much better on my skin it gives me a healthy glow yet isn't harsh looking.

4         YSL Touche Eclat, Now this is my desert island product. I actually panic if I run out, I have been using this for many years it is just great for lightening under the eyes. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Calf Diet Week 34

I don't really want to talk about it this week? Apart from to say I totaly blame black Wednesday and the wine I drank as a result. I thought it might also help to list the things which I should have through the week. 
Sausage sandwich on a brown t cake
Chicken club sandwich on white bread with aspen fries
3 extra cereal bars 
6 extra glasses of wine and
1 drifter bar
Mmm it probably isn't totally down to black Wednesday, all those things didn't seem as bad individually but when you add them up, not so great is it?